The Con Factory is an organisation for conventions, events & seminars in Europe. At this moment we have 2 conventions in mind for Europe. The first one planned is in 2015 and will be a Teen Wolf convention. (@wolfCon1) For the second one we have an Arrow/Flash convention in mind, but before that one we will focus on the first Continue Reading

Website & Webshop

How can I log in?

Once our webshop is online, you will be able to create an account. You will have a user specific username and password that will be for your purchases only.

How can I buy a pass and extra activities?

We are in the process of building our webshop. As soon as passes and activities are available for purchase, we will make an announcement on our website and social media.

How can I pay in the webshop?

You will have the option of paying with credit card or bank wire. We are also trying to get Ideal in our webshop.
Once the web shop is online we will tell you more about the possibilities.

When will I be able to buy something in the webshop?

When passes and activities are available for purchase the web shop will be opened.

What are the activities?

There is a dedicated activities page as part of the website with all the information you will need. If you go to the WolfCon menu, you will get there.

Social media


• Be polite and treat each other with respect.
• Check if your question has already been answered before you post a new question.
• English is the main language on our social media. There are a lot of foreign fans who would like to attend our convention. Respect that.
• Try to keep our social media pages clear for everyone so that important information is always easy to find back.
• If you don’t understand something and you need to have it translated, please just ask someone.
• If you have any doubts about whether or not to post something please check with one the admins of our pages.


• Please do not start whole conversations in a different language other than English.
• Please do not name or post Teen Wolf pictures or characters that can infringe copyrights.
• Please do not spam our pages.
• Please try to avoid several posts about the same subject.
• Please do not post stuff totally unrelated to Teen Wolf or our convention.
• Please do not post anything about any other conventions or organisations.
• Please do not spam the actors with questions about our convention.

About the Convention

When and where will the convention take place?

The convention will take place on a Saturday and Sunday in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Exact dates will be announced soon.

How can I get to the convention?

As soon as the location is known we will give you the address.

How many actors will be there?

We are not allowed to answer this question at the moment.

Which actors will attend?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to share this information yet.

How can I keep myself up to date about the convention?

All news updates will be provided on our social media pages and website. Keep an eye on them!

Can I volunteer to work at the convention?

We will ask for volunteers a few weeks before the convention.  Everyone who has bought a pass and wants to help us can send us an email with their motivation.
Our team will take a look at all the motivations and your social media activity and determine who is appropriate for this.
You still need to buy a pass as volunteer, but you will have other advantages. We will tell more about this when the time is there to choose the volunteers.

What kind of activities are going to take place on the convention?

At our convention we will have panels where you can ask the actors questions.
During the photo ops you can have your picture taken with one of the actors by a professional photographer.
During the signing sessions you can collect all the autographs from all the actors.
We will also have meet & greets where you can have an intimate talks with your favourite actor and only a few other attendees.
We will have raffles where you can win prizes.
And last but not least we will have a very special evening activity, which we keep a surprise for now.

Can I already buy some activities online before the convention?

Yes, as soon as you have bought your pass you can buy tickets for extra activities in our webshop.
When there will be new activities available we will let you know on social media.

Where can I find the scedule for the convention?

We will release the schedule no sooner than a few days before the convention.

Do you have any evening entertainment?

We are planning something very special and exclusive for Saturday night.
We cannot say anything more about it yet, so it is still a surprise for now.

Travel & Hotel stay

Is this included in my pass?

No, you are free to choose how you travel and in which hotel you want to stay. This is not included in your pass.

Where can I stay? Do I have to stay in the convention hotel?

No, you are free to choose your hotel. We are planning to put discounts with different hotels on our website.

Till when do I have to stay to be sure that I don't miss anything?

The convention will end Sunday night. We advise you to travel back as late as possible.The best thing to do if you want to be sure not to miss anything is to stay untill Monday.

Can I get a discount if I travel with an certain organisation?

We are trying to arrange discounts for you.

About the passes

What type of passes are available?

We have 4 different passes available:
Pup Pass
Wolf Pass
Pack Pass
V.I.P Pass
More information about the different passes and what is included in each pass you can find at WolfCON ~ Passes

How will I get my pass?

After purchase you will get your pass in .pdf format via email.
You need to print this e-ticket and show it to us at the registration which will take place on Friday 1st May.
You will get your pass there, which you need to have with you at all times.

Is a pass for all the days?

Yes, each pass gives you access to all days.

Can I meet the actors with each pass?

Yes, with each pass you can see the actors and you can access the panel room.
Each pass will also give you the opportunity to buy more activities.

Can I meet the actors without a pass?

No, you need a pass to access the convention building. There will be security present, they will make sure everyone who enters has a pass.

How many passes does each category have?

We are not able to tell you that, because it is different for each category.
Normally the rule is that the more a pass contains the more limited that pass is.
For example there will be only a limited number of V.I.P passes available.

If I buy a pass, will I still be able to buy other activities?

Yes, with every pass you have the opportunity to buy extra activities.
To buy a pass with activities can just be cheaper, because it comes in a package deal.

Do I have to pay my pass at once or will I be able to pay in instalments?

You will be able to pay your pass in 2 or 3 instalments.

How can I pay my pass?

You will be able to pay with a credit card and via bank wire. We are also looking at Ideal at the moment, so we hope we will be able to offer that as well.

How do I know my payment came through? Will I get a confirmation?

Yes, as soon as your payment comes through, you will get a confirmation by email.

Is there a minimum age to attend the convention?

You have to be 14 at the time of the convention to enter.
If you are under 18 you need to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I accompany a minor if I'm 18?

Yes that is allowed, but this means you are fully responsible for her or his behaviour and you have to look after the minor at all times.

If I accompany a minor do I need a pass aswell?

Yes. without a pass you will not be able to enter the convention.

Does the adult who accompanies the minor need to buy a pass in the same category?

No, you can also buy a pass in a different category, but you will not sit next to each other at panels. This also means that you will not be called at the same time for activities.

Can I resell my pass?

No, you won't be able to resell your pass. At the registration you need to identify yourself.
Your name on the identification has to correspond with the name on the pass. You cannot change the name on the pass, because it won't correspond with our information anymore.
The person who buys your pass won't be able to go to the convention.

Can I cancel my pass and get a refund?

No, just like at other conventions, events and concerts that won't be possible here.

If an actor cancels, will I get a refund?

No, you buy a pass for a convention, not just for one actor. If one actor needs to cancel due to other obligations, we will try to find a replacement. If you already have extra activities with that actor we will transfer those to another actor.

I have a very good reason why I'm not able to come to the convention, what can I do?

If you can proof to us that you have a very good reason that you are not able to attend  anymore, for example due to hospitalisation, please contact us. We will help you to search for a suitable solution.

If the convention gets cancelled will I get a refund?

If we see reason to cancel the event you will get a refund.
You won't get a refund when we move the event to another date or location.

About registration

Do I need to register if I already have a pass?

Yes, everyone needs to register before the convention starts.  Registration means that you show us all your e-tickets and confirmations. You also need to have a valid identification. During registration you will get your official pass and tickets for all the activities you bought.

Where can I register, can I do that online?

No, registration can only be done personally at the convention. We need to see you so we can give the passes and the tickets to the right person.

At what time will registration be and how long will it take?

Registration will be on Friday. We will announce the exact times a few weeks before the convention. Registration itself won't take that long, but it will go in order of passes. So depending on your pass it can take a while before it will be your turn.

What do I need to take with me for the registration?

A valid identification and prints of all the confirmations and e-tickets we send to you by mail.

I'm not able to register on Friday. What can I do?

Please contact us by e-mail and we try to schedule you somewhere else.

During the convention

At what time does the convention start and when will it be finished?

The convention starts Saturday morning around 10.00 end will end on Sunday evening. Exact times will be on the website before the convention starts.

How do I know if something has changed in the schedule?

If there are changes during the convention we will tell our staff about them, so they can inform all of you in the panelroom.

Will there be food and drinks available? Is this included in my pass?

Food and drinks aren't included in your pass but it will be available at the convention.

What if I have a problem or question during the convention?

There will be staff at our convention. You can recognize them by their clothing. You can always ask them or tell them about your problem. they are there to help you.

About the panels

How does this work?

The panels will take place in the panel room. This is the biggest and most important room at the convention. The actors will be on stage in different groups and you will be able to ask them questions.

How do I know where I have to sit?

Your seat is depending on the pass you have bought. On your pass you will find your row and seat number. The staff can help you find your seat.

Will there be translation during the panels?

No, the panels are in English, so please ask your questions in English.. Our staff can of course help you with that, when needed.

Do I need to stay at my seat?

When the actors are on stage, we don't want people to start walking out of the room for no reason. That is rude for the actor who is talking on stage. If you have an activity the staff will come and get you. If really need to go to the toilet, of course you can leave.

Can I give or throw presents on stage?

No, this is not allowed during the panels. You can give a present at the signing session.

Am I allowed to take photo's with my own camera?

During the panels you are allowed to take photos with your own camera. Please do not use flash photography, because it can be very annoying for the actors.

What kind of camera can I take with me to the convention?

As for now there aren't any restrictions. Please don't take that much equipment with you that other people are bothered by it. If there will be restrictions we will let you know here.

Am I allowed to film during panels?

It is not allowed to film during the entire convention. So no, you cannot film during the panels.

Can I go on stage during the panels?

No, you are not allowed to go on stage. The only exception is if the actor asks you to come on stage. You are not allowed to ask the actor if you can come on stage.

Can I ask questions during panels, if so what questions?

Yes, everyone is allowed to ask questions during the panels. You cannot ask the actor very personal things about their private life.
There might be some subjects an actor does not feel comfortable talking about. If this is known we will let you know here.
You are not allowed to ask the actor for a hug or kiss. You are putting the actors in a uncomfortable position with that question and it will take too much time so others won't be able to ask their questions anymore. If you do this our staff will ask you to leave.

Can I go on a picture with the actor? Can I ask for a selfie?

No, this is not allowed. We want to give everyone the opportunity to ask a question. Taking pictures or selfies will take too much time so other won't be able to ask a question anymore. The only way to get a photo with an actor is to buy a photo op with that actor.

About the photo ops

How does this work?

Anyone who has a photo op of an actor is called according to pass and number. V.I.P.’s will go first, after them the Pack passes followed by the Wolf passes and finally Pup passes will go. If you have a photo op with an actor you will patiently wait your turn. You will then be picked up by someone from our staff and brought to the line for the photo op. There you will patiently wait until it's your turn. When you’re up, you will place your belongings that should not be in the picture such as your purse, in the designated place to keep them safe. Then you will show your photo op ticket when our staff asks for it. When your photo has been made you will leave the area immediately.

What different photo ops are there?

There are single photo ops with one actor. Duo photo ops with two actors.
And there are group photo ops with more than two actors.

How do I know when it's my turn?

The photo ops will be in order of the passes. So your category and your card number will be called when it's your turn. A staff member will assist you.

Can I give gifts during the photo ops?

No, there's no time for that during photo ops. You can give a gift during the signing session.

Can I ask the actor to do a particular pose such as a kiss or a hug?

Our staff will let you know per actor what you can and cannot ask for. This may depend on how an actor feels. Since this can depend on the moment, this can only be indicated just before the shoot.

Can I bring accessories to use at my photo op?

You can bring small accessories. It will be determined during the shoot by the staff if the actor is willing to use them. This also depends on the moment.

Can my friend (s) and I take a picture together with one ticket at a photo op?

No, if you want to be in the picture together with a friend and an actor, you will both need a ticket for this photo op.

Can I or a friend take pictures or film during the photo ops?

No, photographing and filming is strictly prohibited in the area where the photos are taken.

Can I talk to the actor during the photo op?

Of course you can talk to the actor and specify how you want your picture to be taken. However, this is not the time or place to have a whole conversation, because that causes others to wait longer or not get their turn at all. If it takes too long, our staff will indicate this.

I have several photo ops with one actor, do I have to do them all at the same time?

If the actor is doing photo ops on both days this is not required. Your category will be called on both days and you can divide the photo ops over both days.

Can I change during the photo op?

There is no dressing room. If you wear multiple layers of clothing, you can take off the top layer quickly. For example, it is possible to take a picture with and without a coat.

Where and when can I get the photos that were taken?

The picture is taken and printed during the convention. So you can take your photos home immediately after the convention. It still has to be determined where you can pick up the pictures.

Can I also get my pictures digitally?

After the convention, it will be possible to buy a digital version of your pictures in our shop.

About the signing session

How does this work?

To get access to the signing session you will need to have bought a autograph op.
Everyone who has bought an autograph op will be called according to pass and pass number.
V.I.P.'s will go first, after them the Pack passes, followed by the Wolf passes and finally the Pup passes will go.
If you have an autograph op with an actor you will patiently wait your turn.
We will announce when it is your turn to go depending on your pass.
When it is your turn you will be picked up by someone from our staff and be brought to the line for the signing session.
When you are the next in line, you will place your belongings that are not allowed in the signing area on a designated place to keep them safe.

You will need to show your autograph op ticket when our staff asks for it.
When you have collected your autograph, you will join the next line, the staff will assist you with this.
When you have collected all your autographs, you will leave the room.

What items can I have signed?

The actors will only sign official The Con Factory / WolfCON merchandise or official MTV / Teen Wolf  sign merchandise.
Examples are DVDs, posters, cards, etc.
Our staff will check this and if you do not abide the rules, you'll risk having to hand over the signed item.
Of course you can bring your own items to have them signed as long as it meets with the regulations.
If you don't have anything to have signed you can buy items at the convention.

Do I get multiple autographs with only one ticket?

No, an autograph op is for one autograph only. If you want multiple autographs, you have to buy several autograph ops.

I have several autograph tickets with one actor, do I have to use them all at once?

Yes, it is important that you get all the signatures in the same session, in succession.
If you don't do this, then you'll risk that you will not get a second chance, and then you'll have purchased your ticket in vain.
Of course this does not apply to tickets bought on Saturday after the first signing session. These autograph ops are automatically for the signing session on Sunday.
However, when the autograph ops are sold out, there will be no additional autograph ops for sale on Saturday.

Can I determine what the actor writes?

No, the actor will decide what he or she writes. If they want to use your name, the staff will ask you for it.

May I also request an autograph for friend (s)?

Yes, of course, but you will need an autograph op ticket.

Can I give the actor a gift during the signing session and if so what should I be aware of?

Yes, during the signing session you may give the actor a gift. The actor will have a gift box in which he can collect it. Please note that your gift isn't too big. These are awkward to carry in the plane. When there will be any further requirements regarding the gifts, we will let you know here.

Can I talk to the actor during the signing session?

Yes, the signing session is the best moment to have a brief chat with the actors. Note however, that more people are waiting. If the conversation takes too long, the staff will tell you.

Can I take photographs or make films during the signing session?

No, photographing and filming is strictly prohibited in this area. If you do so, you'll run the risk to be asked to leave the area. This may lead to you not getting your autographs anymore.

About the Meet & Greets

How does this work?

For the meet & greets with the actors you are divided into groups. This will be indicated at the convention.
Someone from the staff will ensure that you will be present at the meet and greet. The meet & greets are very intimate, in a closed room where you can chat with the actor.
When the whole group has entered the room, the actor will come.
When the meet & greet is over, remain seated until the actor is gone.
Then you can go back to your place in the main area.

How will I know when it's my turn?

At the convention it will be clearly indicated when it's your turn.
We will only know this after making the schedule. If the actor has multiple meet & greets, we'll let you know during which meet & greet you are expected.

How long is the Meet & Greet?

A meet and greet will take about 30 minutes.

How many people will be attending a Meet & Greet?

At a meet & greet up to 20 fans will be present.

Can I give a gift during Meet & Greet?

No, you can only give gifts during the signing session.

Can I ask for an autograph during the Meet & Greet?

No, if you'd like an autograph of the actor, you'll have to buy an autograph op for the signing session.

Can I take pictures or film during the Meet & Greet?

No, it is not permitted to take pictures or to film during the meet & greet. If you want a picture with the actor, you can buy a photograph op.
If the actor wants to take a picture or a selfie with you, with his own camera or phone, he or she will indicate this. You cannot ask for this.

Can I ask questions during the Meet & Greet? If so, what questions?

Yes, for these questions the same rules apply as for the panels. So you cannot ask about the private life of the actor. It can be possible that they feel uncomfortable about this. Our staff will make sure everyone present will have the opportunity to ask a question.


About our Evening entertainment (surprise exclusive Con Factory activity)

This is the highlight of our conventions. In no other European convention you can experience this.
While enjoying a snack and a drink you are going to prepare for a spectacular evening.
For now we will be keeping a secret what this is all about, but during this three-hour event, your dreams will come true and you will get to know the actors better than anyone else. Are you someone who likes a challenge and sometimes fantasize about playing a part in your favourite series? Then you will definitely not want to miss this! It is a unique experience that you can't do anywhere else. We can guarantee this. This very exclusive op is available for a limited number of people and you can only buy it if you already have a pass for our convention.

We are still working on making this activity available on WolfCON.

If you have any other guestions, don't hesistate to contact us.